Why Make A Will

By making a Will, adults can decide what happens to their property and possessions after their deaths. Although people do not have to make a Will by law, it is the best way to make sure a person’s estate is passed on to family and friends exactly as they wish. If a person dies without a Will, their assets may be distributed according to the law rather than their wishes. At worst, their estates may pass to the State or be tied up for years in costly legal battles.

Make or Change your Will?

Making or altering your Will is particularly important when life circumstances change. We recommend you review your Will every three to five years to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. For example, it may be necessary to change your Will if any of the following occur:


Marriage Divorce or separation

Enter into a de facto relationship

Birth of children or grandchildren

Death of your executor or a beneficiary

Change in your financial circumstances

Let the Public Trustee help

The Public Trustee has over 40 years of experience in Will making and estate administration in Samoa. We can administer deceased estates professionally and impartially.


Our experienced staff can make a Will for any person here at the office or – if age or illness restricts the client’s mobility – we can take Will instructions at the client’s home or current location.


The Public Trustee’s staff can explain all issues relevant to making a Will and can make sure the Will is correctly prepared according to the laws of Samoa.


The Public Trustee offers a free Will-making service to all Samoans who are aged 18 or over where the Public Trustee is appointed Executor.


For a fee, the Public Trustee will prepare Private Executor Wills where you nominate an executor of your choice. The Public Trustee is able to hold the Will(s) in safe custody free of charge.

Why choose the Public Trustee?

We will prepare your Will free of charge when you appoint the Public Trustee as your executor and hold it in safe custody without a cost.


Many people choose the Public Trustee to make their Will and be their executor. As your nominated executor, we are responsible for ensuring all your wishes are carried out to the letter.


Making a Will with the Public Trustee also means there is no risk of your Will being lost or destroyed because we keep the original in a safe deposit at no charge.

How do I make an appointment to make a Will or update my Will?

To make an appointment to have your Will made free of charge, contact us at the Public Trust Office, Floor 5, TATTE Building, Sogi, Apia, Samoa, on telephones 21061 & 21062 & 8421061 or our office email address: ptrustee@publictrust.ws. Under special circumstances, our Will-makers will visit your home or hospital.

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